A Taste of Wellness
1 year ago

S1E1 - Holding Space

with Jessica Stover & Rosa McAllister

S1 Ep01 - Holding Space

Recording Date: July 1, 2019

Keywords: golding space, meditation, calming, mindfulness, caring for others

Transcript: Download transcript at https://bit.ly/2SsENnD

Episode Introduction: Rosa discusses the act of "Holding Space" - creating an environment where others are comfortable being, and feel seen and heard.

Topical Index: Introductions [00:00] Rosa's background [00:50] Defining "holding space" [01:39] Looking deeper [03:23] Think like a "blue lake" [05:00] Being mindful [07:08] Some strategies to practice [14:20] Closing [18:19]

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